live different

Live in a green designer home.

design different

Design with unlimited freedom.

build different

Build with cutting-edge, energy-efficient technology.

strength and durability

Looking for a secure family home in Cape Town?

Build a custom-designed Citra home of your own in the greater Cape Town area. We can help you every step of the way, from architecture and raising a mortgage to the actual construction. If you want to use your own team for some of the steps, we are happy to slot in where we can add the most value.

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Or you can simply buy a turn-key home in our groundbreaking CentralBlue development on the edge of the Cape Winelands, just 15 minutes from Cape Town International Airport. CentralBlue’s holistic urban design includes a large school, a shopping mall and green open spaces, and offers a wide range of houses and apartments for families from all walks of life.

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Whichever you choose, your home will be strong enough to withstand earthquakes and hurricanes, fire-resistant and durable.

eco friendly design

Looking for an eco-friendly home?

Building with Citra is a statement. It is proof that sustainability, design excellence and innovation can be brought together to build a new future.

At Citra, we believe we are at the dawn of a new era. An era in which decent homes become affordable to everyone. An era in which sustainability in construction becomes what it should be: a no-brainer. An era in which great design and efficient construction are the enablers of prosperity.

Citra homes reduce carbon emissions by about 50% throughout their life cycle. And they are designed for cradle-to-cradle recycling, ensuring that large portions of the home can be reused.

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new technology

Looking for a better way to build homes?

Citra uses the latest available technology at every step of the process, from design and production to the actual construction. It starts with parametric design and finite element analysis to ensure that your home is strong, durable and efficient. Our designs take into account the production process and ensure minimum waste. We then manufacture our panels with high-precision CNC machines.

The actual construction happens in four easy steps: first we build a conventional foundation; then we put up the panels; these are then plastered with high-performance spray machines; and lastly they are completed with the finish of your choice. We aim at doing all of this in only one month, shortening current construction times of around three months, depending on the specific project.

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Looking to invest in new building technology?

Citra homes are extremely durable. Their low maintenance costs and great thermal insulation ensure that an investment in a Citra home yields great returns. Be it for your own home, or as a buy-to-let project.

We also offer a complete turnkey package for investors in our CentralBlue eState in Cape Town. In collaboration with WeTradeProperty and WeFinance, Citra will take care of the construction, tenanting, management, rental collection, and payment of all levies and rates – so all you have to do is relax and watch your sustainable investment grow.

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