Today, building a sustainable or ecological house is an option that is gaining more and more followers.

Over the past few months we have seen nature taking back spaces that were being used mainly by humans, giving us a chance to think about the importance of respecting nature for what it is worth.

Eco homes are those that achieveĀ optimal living conditions with minimum energy consumption.

CITRA eco houses are built with sustainable materials and take into consideration the orientation of the building, the land and the nature that surrounds. And, if you also want them to be even more sustainable, you can choose to be completely off the grid. Thus, they will generate their own energy, take advantage of rainwater and reuse it, for example.

5 reasons to build a CITRA home

1. Saving

Sustainable houses have the great advantage of reducing energy consumption. This, in addition to reducing costs in the long term, reduces pollution. And this is possible thanks to the insulation that CITRA houses have. This reduces your energy expenditure, either in heating in winter or cooling in summer.

Solar panels are another source of renewable energy. This type of solution is essential in ecological housing, as they contribute to reducing energy consumption. In fact, in many cases, they make self-sufficiency possible, no having to worry about Eskom ever again!

2. Healthy Living

In South Africa we have various climates to consider: rainy winters in the south, while dry in the north. The characteristics of the materials we use to build CITRA homes reduce the proliferation of mould while maintaining an excellent air quality, caring for the health of the people who live in it.

3. Durability

The building materials used for the construction of CITRA sustainable houses are of excellent quality, making them durable and reducing the cost of maintenance.

But not only that, it also means great resistance to fire, storms (yes Cape Town!) and even earthquakes.

4. Reduction of environmental footprint

Green homes use less energy than conventional homes. And, above all, they make better use of natural resources, such as the sun, water or wind. The benefits that this has on the environment are clear. Furthermore, the materials used in CITRA sustainable construction are certified by Agrement, therefore guaranteeing the sustainability of the alternative building technologies.

5. Possibility of a second life

80% of the materials used in a CITRA sustainable home can have a second life. Most of them are reusable and recyclable, closing the production process in a circle free of waste.

If you are thinking of building an ecological house, think no more. The reasons are clear. Ecology and construction are not at odds, and opting for this type of project is betting on the environment. It is, in short, betting on the future.

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