Building your new house is exciting and easy once you understand how the process works. To complete a new home, you need a plot, an architect, a quantity surveyor, financial approval from a bank, and a trustworthy contractor.

Good news is you can get one contact to take care of all the unplanned expenses, with a Turnkey Solution, where all these steps are reduced to one.

A Turnkey Solution makes building your new home a pleasant experience. Just enjoy designing your home and choosing the finishes (i.e. floors, painting, ceilings), while knowing there will be a fixed guaranteed price to complete the entire project.

Let's get technical

And to have a better understanding of all the costs involved when building a new home, we spoke to Quantity Surveyor, Erik Van Heerden to give us 3 reasons why to choose a Turnkey Service:

1. Building costs in South Africa 2020

How much would a new house cost in SA 2020?

The average building cost in 2019 was R 7630 per m². Recent trends indicate a year on year increase of approx. 4,90%, which brings the average cost for 2020 to over R8000 per m².

2. All in one place

Why do clients usually find themselves paying unexpected extra costs when building a new home?

It is important to distinguish between the cost of construction and the cost of the final finishes. Major changes to the overall cost of the project can be attributed to changes to the specifications of the finishes and the design. Costs can easily increase to double if the prices given by the construction companies of your choice only cover basic specs.

Other costs that are not usually included are professional services, such as Architects and Quantity Surveyors, Engineers, and admin and holding fees.

These are some of the reasons why choosing a Turnkey Solution could be a better answer to manage your budget.

3. Fixed rate: no surprises

Why CITRA’s Turnkey?

CITRA Turnkey Solution offers a fixed rate from the beginning, including all the above mentioned, while keeping a competitive rate, compared to obtaining services separately.

With CITRA, you can build a greener, beautiful and robust house from between R 7500 and R 8000 m².

This, apart from the time saving on the client’s side, has the following additional advantages:

  • CITRA can assist with all the pre-construction phases from land acquisition, through concept design and feasibility to financing and enrolment and planning submission.
  • Design and pricing are run in parallel, which saves time. Time saved is money saved on either the loan amount and/or faster revenue stream if the property is for rental purposes.
  • This ensures a much more contracted pre-construction phase and therefore large savings.
  • Because the design and costing/estimating is run together the client’s budget can be met through constant value engineering and adjustment to design and cost.
  • The turnkey approach ensures a final agreed scope of works ensuring an agreed and fixed budget and duration.

Turnkey = No surprise costs during the building process

Building a property using a Turnkey Service provides multiple benefits that are reflected in the saving of time, resources and investment. It’s all about being transparent about your needs and your budget, this way the quantity surveyor will be realistic about what is possible within your budget.

If you want to do the maths yourself, we have created a checklist with some of the most common building costs for you: Download here.

CITRA Turnkey Solution guarantees no surprising extra costs. Check our Quotation and Mortgage Calculator to get a Free Estimate.

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