The Future is Green With Citra’s Design and Construction Technology

On 12 January 2010, a massive earthquake, registering 7.0 on the Richter scale, devastated Haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere. More than 250,000 lives were lost and over 1 million people were left homeless. But every cloud, no matter large or dark, has a silver lining.

The horrors and devastation of the earthquake inspired one man, Andreas Graf, co-founder of the Citra Group, to develop construction technology for rapidly deployable and scaleable housing solutions in disaster situations. 

Today, Citra is a globally-recognized specialist in the fields of housing design, net-zero architecture, energy-efficient technology, and innovative green housing solutions. They can build quality housing faster, at a lower cost, and with a lower carbon footprint.

Citra’s architecture, construction technology, and overall philosophy, allow for unlimited design possibilities in everything from low-cost housing estates to bespoke luxury homes.

House Mahika – An Icon of Innovative Green Housing

House Mahika, a beautiful and innovative luxury home, is a flagship project that serves as a practical expression of Citra’s Live Different philosophy. The home also showcases the flexibility of Citra’s sustainable energy-efficient technology and housing design systems.

This exquisite home, set on the South African Whale Coast, encapsulates the owner’s relationship with the natural environment. House Mahika has been set back from the street and on an elevated level that allows this large structure to blend organically with the beauty of the surrounding mountains and natural fynbos.

Citra’s unique construction technology allowed unlimited design possibilities without exorbitant construction costs. With no need for joints or overlaps, the home does not have thermal bridges, giving it remarkable thermal insulation properties. This means House Mahika, like all Citra homes, is cooler in the summers and warmer in the winters.

House Mahika boasts low energy consumption and a reduced carbon footprint, which results in a design that is exceptional, harmonic, and cost-effective. It is the perfect showcase of Citra’s desire to create homes that display a perfect balance between design and ecology.

eStates – Citra’s Sustainable Solution at a Sustainable Price

For many, terms like “sustainability” and “innovative green housing” are not compatible with low-cost cost housing. Citra believes that they are. Their eStates are affordable eco-friendly housing estates that combine residential, retail, educational, and recreational uses with green open spaces, indigenous plant life, and water-wise landscaping.

CentralBlue, located in Blue Downs, is a unique eco-friendly eState created by the Citra. It offers residents a selection of modern homes perfectly suited to a contemporary lifestyle, while also providing social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

Every freehold home featuring the Citra building technology in CentralBlue has a unique character thanks to minimalist design aesthetics and harmoniously integrated functional features. What truly sets these homes apart from other low-cost housing projects in a similar price bracket is that every home in Citra’s eStates can grow with its occupants and has enough space to accommodate future expansions.

Citra – Live Different

Citra is a company that is a leader and an innovator in the fields of design, construction, and property development. It seeks to improve the quality of people’s lives through housing design, net-zero architecture, and construction technology. Citra provides its clients with unique experiences and homes that have substantially lower energy consumption and construction costs while creating a significantly smaller carbon footprint.