Citra eHomes Win a Global Award.

Citra was recently acknowledged with a Platinum Houzee Award for Architecture and Design in the Professional Category for their eHomes. This award recognises and promotes the best in contemporary and innovative residential design worldwide. The Houzee Awards are widely regarded as being one of the world’s most prestigious residential design and architecture awards.

“It is a great moment of pride to see so many years of hard work from so many brilliant people having faith in new technologies and our vision being recognized internationally with the Houzee award.” Joel Baur, Managing Director of Citra.

Citra is proud of the impact their eHomes have on homeowners and that their product has been acknowledged internationally for its contribution to the design and architecture industry. As an industry leader in the fields of housing design, green building technology, innovative green housing, and alternative sustainable building technology, Citra prides itself in considering the building’s life cycle, the future extendibility and the recycling of materials at a later stage.

Every Citra home is built using energy-efficient technology and net-zero architecture that allows it to be an extension of the neighbourhood and the larger community. Citra’s eHomes are created using a non-linear aesthetic that allows them to connect in an organic manner that reflects a new era in home-making and Citra’s Live Different philosophy.

Citra believes that a home is far more than just a physical structure and forms the foundation of a fulfilling life. It is a home that the owner is proud to own and call their home. These beliefs mirror the vision of the Houzee Awards, which seeks to encourage the development of high-quality, sustainable, and inspiring homes that reflect the needs and aspirations of modern living.

Houzee Award
Houzee Award

One of the biggest factors in the success of Citra’s eHomes is their use of unique design tools. These tools allow Citra to employ a design-for-production design technique where the production and construction constraints are part of the planning from the beginning. Citra’s toolbox of unique design systems include:

  • Building Information Modelling
  • Finite Element Analysis to calculate the structural integrity of systems and buildings
  • Parametric Design to customise designs and production data
  • Advanced Finite Element Analysis that ensure all constructions are ideally suited to their project-specific environment

Citra believe that the Platinum Houzee Award for Architecture and Design in the Professional Category for their eHomes is a sign of what is to come as the construction, and the world at large come to learn of everything that Citra has to offer.

“The design team will continue to explore new ways of leveraging responsible and responsive design methods with leading technology workflows to ensure that Citra is always at the forefront of disruptive architectural innovation in the industry. We are currently testing out augmented reality tools to advance our collaboration between the design team and site teams and we hope to introduce more advanced computational tools into our ever-growing studio toolkit.” – Gerald Mandevhana, Computational Design Lead of Citra.