Citra technology in practice

Our Projects

Built to meet the needs of owner & planet

All of Citra’s residential projects – whether they are one-of-a-kind bespoke designer homes or large, multi-development precincts we call eStates – are the result of a carefully crafted design process that focuses on both the owner’s needs and the need to protect our environment through sustainable and energy-efficient practices.

The past few years have been a period of exciting growth for Citra, as we start to scale our construction pipeline of new homes. Our unique, eco-friendly products clearly have strong market appeal, and we are ramping up our production schedules to build over 100 pre-ordered homes in the next 12 to 18 months, in addition to over 50 units already delivered to clients in the past year.


Citra’s commitment to creating environmentally friendly and sustainable accommodation is not limited to the physical production of homes, but includes a holistic and environmental approach to large-scale urban planning. The resultant precincts, which integrate residential, retail, educational, and recreational uses with green open spaces and indigenous, water-wise landscaping, we call eStates: eco-friendly new urban estates.


Our residential developments are human-scale group housing villages that have a consistent architectural concept and are laid out according to sound urban planning principles. They offer affordable residential solutions in secure and well-located precincts.

Designer Homes

We at Citra are proud to have collaborated in creating some outstanding and revolutionary homes for visionary owners, who have challenged us to push the limits of what is technically feasible and to execute bold architectural concepts that have been crafted to meet specific client needs.