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ePod Dragonstone

The elegant simplicity and panoramic fenestration of this one-bedroom Citra ePod manifest a stunning synthesis of landscape and architecture. Featuring the signature Citra unity of wall and roof, and a seamless floating floor, the extremely robust structure of this ePod is designed to weather the worst that the proverbial Cape of Storms can throw at it.

designer home

Uninterrupted views

The rooms command an uninterrupted outlook through internal wall openings and floor-to-ceiling double-glazed glass, offering spectacular views of the Drakenstein mountain range, the wilderness reserve, and the dam gathering water from the aptly named Twenty-four Rivers Valley. The fireplace can be viewed from the bedroom, the living room, the dining room, and the lounge, so that whether you’re lying in bed, sitting on a couch, eating dinner, or having a drink at the bar, the sight of crackling flames can be enjoyed.


The finishing is of the highest quality: polished concrete revealing the large Cape Granite aggregate used in the foundation together with local dune sand as fine aggregate, giving the floor a distinctive monochrome finish.


Top-of-the-range appliances and sanitary ware give the finishing touches to this luxurious low-energy masterpiece.