Ochre Place

Ochre Place is a unique drawcard within CentralBlue. It boasts ecologically friendly eHomes, making it the ideal space for anyone who wants to consider their impact on the environment.


Ochre Place. A showcase of sustainable housing.

The flexible design of the cutting-edge eHomes makes it easy to create a space that grows with your family. Owners can choose from three pre-designed options, all with excellent green credentials.

Ochre Place is a neighborhood of freedom, innovation and security. Among other security measures, streetscape CCTV cameras will provide the peace of mind needed for secure family living while also improving the investment value for owners.

Ochre Place 1

Better insulation, lower energy costs

Ochre Place 1 consists of 49 Citra eHomes. This showcase of sustainable housing sold out rapidly after its launch and is now nearing the end of the construction process.

The eHomes of Ochre Place offer over five times better thermal insulation compared to cavity brick walls – enabling a reduction of over 50% in carbon emission in the production and lifecycle of the house, as well as significant savings on the energy bill every month for the end user.

Homes that grow with the family

The distinctive, arched double-volume structures allow for extendability through to the addition of extra bedrooms on the first floor – a rare and most welcome feature in these relatively affordable starter homes.

Careful interaction of these homes with the public road has been designed to create a safe and inclusive neighborhood. The living room and master bedroom are road-facing, and open landscaping allows for uninterrupted sight from the home to the road and sidewalk.

Indigenous landscaping & solar power

The connection of the backyard areas with the front facades fosters a sense of pride in these semi-detached units, encourages gardening creativity and ensures great public interaction across low boundary walls.

Ochre Place 1 has been extensively landscaped using Indigenous, water-wise plants, featuring fever-trees and aloes. All houses feature solar PV panels for hot water, which can easily be connected to a battery to sustain power during electricity blackouts.


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